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30: special! special! special!

It is my true honor to welcome our one and only new iconmaker,
maffinoyobiai !

Yes, I'm sorry if I was looking for two, but she was the only one who contributed her BEST icons and as patient as I am, I cannot carry on the applications any longer. Hence why I decided I only need one iconmaker. If you'd like to see a sample of her work, please visit the User Info and scroll down to our biography. Her first post is located here:

Congrats to her and we'll definitely be seeing more of her icons in the near future!
And for the other applicants, unfortunately, you can't apply again until I decide for more, but be hopeful, I am still debating for whether I should have 2 iconmakers, so please, still consider this as an opportunity and growth in your PS-ing skills! :D
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