May 8th, 2009


29: asian / north america

Do not hotlink.
Do not, at all costs, edit the pictures.
Do not claim the picture as yours.
Do credit, it's the least you can do.
Comments very appreciated. =D

This post contains:
08 Airi Suzuki
05 Aya Hirano
06 Ayumi Hamasaki
08 Namie Amuro
10 Paramore
12 Perfume


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30: special! special! special!

It is my true honor to welcome our one and only new iconmaker,
maffinoyobiai !

Yes, I'm sorry if I was looking for two, but she was the only one who contributed her BEST icons and as patient as I am, I cannot carry on the applications any longer. Hence why I decided I only need one iconmaker. If you'd like to see a sample of her work, please visit the User Info and scroll down to our biography. Her first post is located here:

Congrats to her and we'll definitely be seeing more of her icons in the near future!
And for the other applicants, unfortunately, you can't apply again until I decide for more, but be hopeful, I am still debating for whether I should have 2 iconmakers, so please, still consider this as an opportunity and growth in your PS-ing skills! :D